He wears panties

When going on an online panty shopping trip earlier with one of my favourite panty friends, I stumbled across this website. HeWearsPanties.com is a blog that over the years has collated tons of lovely designs of panties (with links).  They review them, giving info on material and any other special features that made them post them, and it’s a great collection of posts.

I found a couple of pairs I’m rather keen on myself, and really got me back to thinking about the pairs I have in stock that are perfect for my panty wearing male friends.  I often get one size above my natural size, incase someone wants to wear them themselves, but often the design can be a bit too tight for some guys to get their privates into without massive amounts of squishing.  Is squishing part of the appeal though? Is it better to have room, or to have it held tightly in sexy material?

All women have their own favourite styles and designs, and i’m sure it’s the same for you panty guys out there.  Some of you will prefer fullbacks for comfort (or the headology of very traditional panties!), some will prefer thongs for their riskee nature or the rubbing between the buttocks, and others may prefer crotchless for the delightfully embarrassing hanging out!  I know at least one guy who love the bigger, frillier, and silkier the better, it makes him feel wonderfully sissy.
So ladies and gents!  What type of panties do you prefer wearing, and why?










2 thoughts on “He wears panties

  1. I’ve never actually worn panties before, at least not that I can remember, I have quite a collection built up over the years but always felt if I wore them I would be spoiling the specialness that was left from the last person wearing them, I think I prefer to keep them smelling and tasting of the wonderful girl who took the time to make them for me 🙂

    That being said, I have nothing against people who do wear panties and if I was being told to wear a pair of panties I had been sent in a kind of Dom submissive relationship way I’d be happy to obey said mistresses commands 😉

    Hugz and kisses.

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